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Here at The School of Beardsmanship we believe in the art of beard care.  Every one of our handcrafted beard oils are made with the satisfaction of the beardsman (and his significant others) in mind.

Every last one of our beard oils are made with a proprietary blend of sweet almond oil and essential oils for a confidently smooth, lustrous result with each application.  Each of the oils used in The School of Beardsmanship beard care products demonstrate the ability to moisturize your skin to prevent rash and dandruff as well as nourish the hair follicles allowing you to grow a cleaner, thicker mane.

The Professor knows the modern beardsman is the modern Renaissance man.  Through intense study we've developed a beard oil scent for almost any occasion.
Campfire: smokey, woodsy, perfect for everyday wear, goes well with flannel

Lady Killer: sweet, clean, hints of vanilla, the epitome of nightlife scents, wear with a tie

Sportsman: smells like the great outdoors on a spring morning. Floral, lush, with a trace of foliage. Wear with your hiking boots

Pugilist: citrus scents with a cool and clean undertone. The only beard oil made with ActiveBreathe blends



Each blend of The School of Beardsmanship beard oils contains a significant amount of sweet almond oil which is rich in vitamin A, B, and E.

Beard oils are used to soften your skin, add a sleek shine to your beard, and give your beard a manly scent.

Our oils are purposely formulated to absorb quickly into your whiskers and pores providing fast relief to dry and irriated skin

Every bottle of The School of Beardsmanship beard oil contains scents that leave you feeling clean while preserving the irrestitible manliness that your beard exudes.

Meet The Professor

We are a small, independent company of beard enthusiasts that strive to bring you only the best the beard world has to offer.

patrick prentice

After years of intense study in remote monasteries, meditation in the Tibetan mountains, and dangerous archaeological forays into ancient tombs The Professor developed a simple, yet powerful beard taming oil.






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